To protect S3 data from both accidental deletion and accidental overwriting, you should:

  • enable S3 versioning on the bucket
  • access S3 data using only signed URLs
  • disable S3 delete using an IAM bucket policy
  • enable S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage
  • enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protected access

Which of the following will occur when an EC2 instance in a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) with an associated Elastic IP is stopped and started?

(Choose 2 answers)

  • The Elastic IP will be dissociated from the instance
  • All data on instance-store devices will be lost
  • All data on EBS (Elastic Block Store) devices will be lost
  • The ENI (Elastic Network Interface) is detached
  • The underlying host for the instance is changed

You configured ELB to perform health checks on these EC2 instances.

If an instance fails to pass health checks, which statement will be true?

  • The instance is replaced automatically by the ELB.
  • The instance gets terminated automatically by the ELB.
  • The ELB stops sending traffic to the instance that failed its health check.
  • The instance gets quarantined by the ELB for root cause analysis.

What is Amazon Glacier?

  • It’s a security tool that allows to “freeze” an EC2 instance and perform computer forensics on it.
  • A security tool that allows to “freeze” an EBS volume and perform computer forensics on it.
  • A low-cost storage service that provides secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup.
  • You mean Amazon “Iceberg”: it’s a low-cost storage service.